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Facebook Follies

This post is not intended to piss off anyone - really. I'm just reaching out to see if I'm all alone here so please hear me out and refrain from jumping down my blogger throat. 

I'm growing somewhat weary of Facebook.  I cannot believe I'm even uttering such nonsense but good Lord I'm not sure I can stomach reading another rant full of F-bombs and complaints about other people and life in general. A recent post from a friend of mine really got me to thinking....has Facebook created a hamster wheel of sorts keeping people stuck in ruts of self...

Fame and Fortune

Ayana Kama Ring; chocolate brown deerskin leather flower on a braided deerskin leather band

Greed may never Understand.

All is Forgiven,

My Wholeness comes not from You.

Fame and Fortune, I seek You not.

Creating is my Oxygen,

The Breath of my Life, my Existence.

For there is only Love, and Art.

Leather is the Medium - like the gentleness of a drop of dew,

It touches the Souls it rests upon.


Goodbye or Hello - Which Comes First?

broken wing dragonfly on my pathIs it possible to focus on the future while enjoying the present, at the same time you are regretting or longing for the past - and not remain stuck in one place?

I gained some insight about this while on my prayer walk today which I share in this video. I also talk about prime real estate and used my closet as an example. Prime real estate could be your heart, soul, body and even your mind. What thoughts do you allow to occupy that space?  What...

What Peace Sounds Like


Soul 2 Soul

suede leather flowers hand cut and molded in exquisite jewel colors

An artist creates art with their hands, but it's their soul that is poured into every single creation.

We are an empty vessel, a tube of sorts where energy passes through and masterpieces are given life ~ with love and passion.

I believe your attraction to my art is your soul attracted to my soul.

I have made the most soulful connections through my art; some brief, some lasting, some electronically and some face to face. What an incredible gift! For this reason I...