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Leather Art for Body, Heart & Soul. Wear it, Love it, Feel it.



Fashion Designer and Artisan, Lisa Cantalupo for Sexy Skins Leather

What once began in 2006 as a small leather company creating garments and accessories geared toward the motorcycle industry (sparked from my passion for riding), has evolved into an art; handcrafted leather goodies inspired from a love of everything African.

How does such a transformation take place? Through life's unexpected challenges that when faced, dealt with and overcome, reveal a buried passion from one's youth for a continent across the world. 

Sexy Skins Leather today is more than just leather. It's about connection; of body, mind, and spirit, between the artist and the wearer. It is about the freedom experienced when permission is given to “be”.

Every work of art is African inspired, tribal and bohemian in flare, with a twist of high-end fashion.

Every design is original and the details are never overlooked; intricately hand-woven leather, lux hand-braiding, lots of hand-cut and fluffed-out fringe to bring out the personality of the leather, cool looking hardware, and my newfound passion for handmade beads all the way from Africa.

My passionate labors of love, are handmade using the finest ingredients carefully chosen with freedom seekers and spirit walkers in mind. I strive to bring you excellence, always and in everything.

Whether a male or female life warrior, my hope is that my leather goodies will awaken one's soul, deepen one's existence, and remind one of the power that lies within. In other words...be sexy in your own skin!

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