luxury braided leather cuff bracelet - wraps twice around the wrist
boho black double wrap braided leather bracelet

Amari Luxury Braided Double Wrap Leather Bracelet - SS1077DW

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◘ A M A R I ◘ [eternal]

Everlasting x 2.
Double the Love & Spirit.
Braided Leather Double Wrap Bracelet.
Tribal ~ Boho ~ Hippie Chic.
Forever & Ever.

• Hand cut, super-soft, luxurious deerskin = comfy to wear
• Hand braided ~ 8 strands are hand cut from the highest quality hides
• Hand cut, skived, and machine sewn end cap construction
• Completely adjustable
• Wraps twice around the wrist
• Friendship, love or any occasion
• Available colors: Black, Chocolate, White, Black/White, Mahogany/Chocolate
• Artfully assembled ~ Beautifully crafted ~ Heirloom Quality
• Approximately 3/4" wide band
• Available in FOUR sizes:
○ Size 1 fits wrists that measure 5.75" - 6.75".
○ Size 2 fits wrists that measure 6.75" - 7.75".
○ Size 3 fits wrists that measure 7.75" - 8.75".
○ Size 4 fits wrists that measure 8.75" - 9.75

©º°°º© FACTS about DEERSKIN ©º°°º©

Deerskin is very high quality and versatile leather. It can go from being wet to dry over and over again and it still will conform back to it's original condition. It is a very soft and supple leather yet deerskin's leather fibers make it abrasion resistant and give it high shear strength. It is also extremely comfy to wear in any temperature; it becomes cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. Definitely a luxurious and fun leather to design with, craft with, and wear!!

boho black double wrap braided leather bracelet
bohemian leather bracelet - braided leather band wraps twice around the wrist
adjustable braided leather woven double wrap bracelet in black deerskin
boho tribal jewelry - braided leather bracelet - double wrap and adjustable pictured in black
Amari Double Wrap Braided Leather Bracelets close up all colors