Christmas 2021 ~ My Hands, My Thoughts, My Wishes

These are my hands today after working tirelessly to create my leather art and fill orders this Christmas season. They are tired, very sore, blistered, and cut up. I guess my hopes of ever becoming a hand model are shattered. Lol

Working through the pain has got me to the things we had once complained about in our yesterdays, are the very same things that grow us in strength to handle the things in our tomorrows.

My blisters will callous over and my spirit will toughen so that in the next level I will encounter, I'll be able to hand-le with no problem. In fact, knowing that I'm in His hands, it makes it a very sure thing. 

So when you receive your order from me, now or in the future, please know that it was crafted with this set of hands. Hands that may hurt just like they do today. And, like the leather hides used in its creation, it may show some slight imperfections. Please see beyond what's obvious to your eye, and experience the love and the dedication (to craft and customer) that resides in the heart of the one that's responsible for its creation.


Merry Christmas!



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