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Lisa Maria Cantalupo and I make beautiful things with leather ~ art you wear. 

Lisa Cantalupo

Welcome to my leather shop, my life, my love and passion ~ my art!

I received my degree in Fashion Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I began my career in fashion creating designs that incorporated rich and luxurious fabrics. For the past 17 years, I have been working with leather solely.

The leather art and clothing pieces that are available on my website and in my Etsy Shop are African inspired and Tribal and Bohemian in flare. Each piece is constructed with the Detailing and the Quality that one expects with High-End Fashion. Details such as; intricately hand-woven leather, leather cording and straps that I braid by hand (as opposed to machine made and imported), fringe that is cut by hand then trimmed and manipulated to bring out the personality of the leather, hardware that is high in quality and unique in its design, and handmade beads that are ethically sourced from Africa.

My designs and patterns are original. Each is well thought, tried and tested. Every piece is carefully crafted by hand to your specifications and made to order in my New Hampshire shop. Before my leather art leaves my hands to make its way into yours, it is cleaned, conditioned, polished and inspected. From the design’s conception to its release, my aim is on excellence.

My specialty is designing and creating custom leather art for both men and women. Some of my work can be can be seen on stage, television, and on the big screen on clients such as; Morgan Wallen, Pharrell, Zach Williams, The Monster form the television show, “Legacies”, Magic Dick, Alan Lee, Demi Rose, Candice Van Der Merwe. You may commission me to design and create a piece of leather art especially for you. Because the process of custom designing can be intense, I do limit my bookings. Please contact me to discuss your needs or, to request a consultation please click the tab at the bottom of this page.

View some of my custom design work here.

Lisa Cantalupo, hands, kama braided leather rings

 Photographs: Cynthia August Images

Leather Art and a Soulful Metamorphosis

In 2006, sparked from my passion for riding my motorcycle and for my love for leather, my riding buddy and I joined forces and started a small leather business named, Sexy Skins Leather. We designed and created leather garments and accessories geared toward the motorcycle industry.

Since the early Sexy Skins years, my love and passion for leather has deepened and evolved into an art; handcrafted and custom leather jewelry, accessories, and leather clothing inspired from a love of everything African.

Lisa Cantalupo in the entrance to her Somersworth, NH leather shop

You may be wondering how such a transformation, from biker to Africa, is able to take place. Beginning around the same time of Sexy Skins' inception, I was "gifted" with many life altering experiences which created some of the most significant challenges that ultimately brought me to my knees. Humbled, lost and alone with two children to raise, I drew strength from a power much greater then self and I surrendered to God. I became a vessel, and it was my love and passion for creating with leather that helped to save my soul from being crushed under the weight. During the fall and then rise, a curiosity and fascination for a continent located across the world, buried since childhood, was resurrected.

Then wouldn't you know it, something I wasn't looking for at all crossed my path; an awakened soul from the Nuer Tribe in Africa who's friendship gifted me the healing of wounds that were so deeply buried, I wasn't even aware they had existed. My life, my being, and my essence were forever changed much like the caterpillar who metamorphoses into a magnificent and beautiful butterfly.

Today, my life's purpose is about connection of body, mind, soul and spirit; between the artist, me, and the wearer, you. It is about the freedom experienced when we release ego and give ourselves permission to “be". A space where I am free to create pieces from the depths of my soul - pieces that will hopefully inspire your's to sing in it's own unique way...so that we all may experience life as a butterfly.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and the evolution of my art and self. For a more intimate look, my story was recently published in Boston Voyager Magazine as part of their Inspiring Stories Series.  To read about my education and professional experience, please visit: The Artist

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