How to Measure & Color Charts

How to Measure for Clothing

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Even though our Leather clothing is offered in many sizes, for a more personalized fit, you may provide your measurements. It's important that you are as accurate as possible. Some dry cleaners have a seamstress on staff and will take your measurements for you.  Or, you can take them  yourself by following the tips below: 

  1. Wear only undergarments when measuring.
  2. Use a dressmakers measuring tape. One can be purchased at your local fabric store.
  3. Always make sure the dressmakers measuring tape is flat, not twisted or curled.
  4. BUST Measure your bust by placing a dressmakers measuring tape under your arms, across your back, and over the fullest part of your bust.
  5. WAIST Measure your waist by placing the tape measure around the most narrow section of your mid section or the area at the top of your hip bone and at the same level of your belly button.
  6. HIPS Standing with your feet together, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips. This area is typically around 7-9 inches below your waist. 

      How to Measure for Cuffs & Bracelets

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      Because I specialize in custom designing, and I make everything to order, I am able to make your leather cuff or bracelet to fit you. To do so, it will require an accurate wrist measurement which is different then the length of a bracelet. I created a video to demonstrate how to take the  measurement I will need or scroll down for instructions.



      If you're purchasing a cuff or bracelet for a friend and you're unsure of their wrist size and do not wish to ruin the surprise, then check out this blog article.

      More Tips & Tricks for taking accurate wrist measurements:

      1. Use a dressmakers measuring tape. One can be purchased at your local fabric store.
      2. Always make sure the dressmakers measuring tape is flat, not twisted or curled.
      3. Place a dressmakers measuring tape around your wrist without any gaps, and DO NOT add extra ease for comfort. That will be my job when I make your cuff or bracelet.
      4. If you do not own a dressmaker’s tape measure then use a string in its place. Mark the string at the point where it meets the end. Using a ruler, measure the distance from the string end to that mark. Again, do not add ease.

         How to Measure Your Finger For Ring Size

         leather rings, braided leather rings on ring mandrel for sizing

          • Order a Ring Sizer here.
          • Or, Get Sized at a Jeweler: You can visit your local jeweler for a professional sizing
          • Is it a Surprise? Using your honey's ring, slide it down a tapered candle and measure the circumference of the candle where the ring stops. Use the chart below to determine the correct ring size.
          • Tips and Tricks:  The best time to measure a finger is at the end of the day when the finger is the largest and not when your fingers are cold. Take at least two measurements for accuracy.
          • DIY: On the base of the finger you will be wearing your ring, wrap a piece of string marking the point where it overlaps with a pen. With a flat ruler measure from the edge of paper or string to the point where you marked. Find the matching size in the chart below.
          ring conversion chart - International sizes


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