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I create Leather Art that you wear. This page is dedicated to some of the techniques that I have developed and the processes behind each labor of love. Please support my art and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you! 

Leather Dragon Scales & My DRAAK Bags


My Kai Statement Neckpieces


Molding Leather Petals & My ABEBA Flowers


Making My Cliff Booth Replica BUND Watchbands


Making a Custom Leather Flower Belt


Making My Kimani Leather Tassel Earrings


How I Make My Tassels for My Kimani Earrings


Making My Latifah Earrings


Making a Cliff Booth Replica Bracelet


Making my Lil Autumn Rose Bracelets


My Amari Braided Leather Bracelets ~ End Cap Construction


I Converted My Dad's Vintage Grinder & This is How I Did It


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