Morgan Wallen's Leather Covered Mic Stand, Custom Leather Art

This is a blog post about a woman (me) living in New Hampshire, who creates with Leather, and is gifted the opportunity to work on a project for 2023's Country Music's Male Artist of the Year, Morgan Wallen. Some will credit luck, others skill, but me, I believe it's God just doing his thing -  and boy, do I love it when he does!  🙌

This project had me dyeing and antiquing some leather for the country singer that would resemble an old baseball glove. And to capture the color scheme and weathered appearance that Morgan's creative team was aiming for, I used my Dad's vintage baseball glove to use as inspiration and a guide.

What one may think would be an easy task, to wrap a pole with leather, is not so easy. The metal pole, with it's smooth and almost perfect surface, does not differ much in circumference anywhere. A leather hide on the other hand, will differ in thickness from one portion of the hide to the other. So, I could not just cut a strip of leather and wrap it. I had to measure and cut, measure again and cut again and then measure and cut again. And, the leather for this project was very thick too (nearly a 1/4") and it was heavy and difficult to move around.



In order to achieve the shade of leather that Morgan's creative team was going after, I experimented with the mixing together of many different colors of Fiebing's dyes. Then after that, there were the processes of aging and antiquing the leather to make it look old like my Dad's glove, and then applying the finish to the work of art that I had just created.

The final steps were the punching of the holes into those finished pieces of leather for the lacing to run through, and lacing up the leather cover onto the pole. This took over 2 1/2 hours to complete. When she was finished, I was able to marvel at the beauty that my hands had created.

The  leather cover that I had created for Mogan's mic stand made its debut at Wrigley Field in front of a sold out crowd of over 41k fans on the first night alone. He broke a record. Eyes were on Morgan Wallen, as of course they should be, but it doesn't take away the feeling of having something that I created viewed by so many. And it is an even greater honor to have been selected, out of all the leather workers out there, to work on this project for Morgan, and with the incredible Jay Dozer from  I am grateful for the opportunity to couple his metal with my Leather Art.

The mic stand will be traveling with Morgan around the US and Canada on the remainder of his One Night at a Time World Tour. I hope to see it when it makes it way north to Boston at Fenway Park. Until then, if you're a MW fan and are attending his concert, watch for the leather covered mic stand and take some photos to share with me please.  #sexyskinsleather @sexyskinsleather

Thank you! ♥



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