I am Lisa Maria Cantalupo and I make beautiful things with leather ~ art you wear. 

Hand-crafted Leather Accessories from my Cliff Booth Bund Style Watchband and Leather Bracelet (from the movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) to Leather Flower Hair Accessories, Pins, and Headbands.  Also in this collection are my Unique 3-Dimensional Leather Dragon Scales Dice Bags, Pillows, and Guitar Straps, and my Leather Flogger Key Chains. Pieces that are African inspired, Tribal and Bohemian in flare, and are constructed with the Detailing and the Quality that one expects with High-End Fashion, withstanding the test of time.

All patterns, products, and designs are ORIGINAL. Each piece is hand crafted to order and to your specifications in my New Hampshire shop, and is shipped worldwide.

For orders that require shipping to areas outside the US, please visit my Etsy Shop to make your purchase. 

Production time will vary from piece to piece but will typically take 5 days up to 14 days to complete depending upon the item. Please contact me with your time concerns prior to placing your order.

Original designs, impeccable detailing, and superb craftswomanship...Leather Art you wear.