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Life Lessons Learned Through Leather - Lesson 2, The Masterpiece

Life Lessons Learned Through Leather - Lesson 2, The Masterpiece

hand made leather tassels, earrings, bracelet

Life Lessons Learned Through Leather, Lesson Two, The Masterpiece, like Lesson One, The Spec, involves tassel making. As I have written before, I developed my tassel making technique many years ago. I have worked diligently to perfect it, which has been quite the challenge because leather is consistently inconsistent. In the 14 plus years of honing my craft, I have yet to meet two leather hides that are exactly alike. Each has their...

My Thoughts ~ COVID-19

UPDATE: Today is August 12, 2020, almost 5 months since I wrote the entry below. I felt it was time to record what's been going on in my life and art since that last post. This updated entry is on the fly, meaning, I'm typing as I go - it's unrehearsed.

I remember exactly how I felt when Covid broke out and the fear I had initially felt before I knelt in prayer, and before I had written what I did below.  I'm not afraid anymore, and what I wrote below is still very true today. Five months later, I...

Life Lessons Learned Through Leather - Lesson 1, The Spec

Life Lessons Learned Through Leather - Lesson 1, The Spec

LESSON 1 ~ THE SPEC involves tassel making. I noticed a very tiny spec on the portion of the tassel near the loop. When I took a step back I noticed that I had missed something of greater importance  The life lesson I got out of this didn't come until a little later...[more]

The Art of Branding

I noticed something the other day that I want to share. It's going to get a little deep so strap yourself in. lol

Recently, my story was featured in Boston Voyager Magazine as part of their Inspiring Stories Series. If you're unfamiliar, you can read that here. The photograph below is a printed version of my feature and is what triggered the connection I made and my "ah-uh" moment (continue to read below).

photo of magazine print of Lisa Cantalupo's feature story in Boston Voyager Magazine's Inspiring Story Series

The above...

President, CEO, CFO, COO-OOOhhhhh the Responsibilities of Motherhood

Lisa Cantalupo, Giovanni, and Gianluca, December, 1999

Motherhood. My approach to the most magnificent job in the entire world (I am biased) may be slightly different from the norm. When I first accepted the challenge of the position I was under qualified and not the most whole individual but I knew I had been entrusted with an enormous responsibility - in my arms were two pure and precious souls who didn't belong to me but were entrusted to me to love, honor, respect, guide and teach. A blank canvas for me to...