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President, CEO, CFO, COO-OOOhhhhh the Responsibilities of Motherhood

Lisa Cantalupo, Giovanni, and Gianluca, December, 1999

Motherhood. My approach to the most magnificent job in the entire world (I am biased) may be slightly different from the norm. When I first accepted the challenge of the position I was under qualified and not the most whole individual but I knew I had been entrusted with an enormous responsibility - in my arms were two pure and precious souls who didn't belong to me but were entrusted to me to love, honor, respect, guide and teach. A blank canvas for me to...

Master of What Exactly

a single leather flower on a braided leather ring by lisa cantalupo

Two times in the past week two different people referred to me as a master leather worker. Honored for certain but it got me to thinking what such a title holds because I really don't see myself as one.

I have been working with leather since 2005. Before that, fabric was my medium. I was taught how to sew by my Mother who was a sample maker for a Boston area fashion designer, and she too was taught to sew by her...

Karma is Just a Pretty Word


Karma is a pretty word....sunrise photo captured on the beaches of Nantucket, MA


Karma, I think is a pretty word to describe the negative circumstances you create from making a bad decision.

One thing I have learned from the bad decisions I have made is no matter what my intent was, how open and honest I was, or that I try to be a kind, loving, and generous person - no matter how I rationalized it or justified it - if that...

Facebook Follies

This post is not intended to piss off anyone - really. I'm just reaching out to see if I'm all alone here so please hear me out and refrain from jumping down my blogger throat. 

I'm growing somewhat weary of Facebook.  I cannot believe I'm even uttering such nonsense but good Lord I'm not sure I can stomach reading another rant full of F-bombs and complaints about other people and life in general. A recent post from a friend of mine really got me to thinking....has Facebook created a hamster wheel of sorts keeping people stuck in ruts of self...

Fame and Fortune

Ayana Kama Ring; chocolate brown deerskin leather flower on a braided deerskin leather band

Greed may never Understand.

All is Forgiven,

My Wholeness comes not from You.

Fame and Fortune, I seek You not.

Creating is my Oxygen,

The Breath of my Life, my Existence.

For there is only Love, and Art.

Leather is the Medium - like the gentleness of a drop of dew,

It touches the Souls it rests upon.