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UPDATE: Today is August 12, 2020, almost 5 months since I wrote the entry below. I felt it was time to record what's been going on in my life and art since that last post. This updated entry is on the fly, meaning, I'm typing as I go - it's unrehearsed.

I remember exactly how I felt when Covid broke out and the fear I had initially felt before I knelt in prayer, and before I had written what I did below.  I'm not afraid anymore, and what I wrote below is still very true today. Five months later, I am still healthy. My family is healthy. And, I am busy, still, creating for you. I am most grateful for it all. Still.

The only thing that I can say that has changed is, I'm more saddened by the dissension I see in our country and world. Hate goes against every fiber of my being. My request for those reading is to please, please, please, look within yourself and find love, and then share it with everyone you're able to share it with, whether it be a smile under your mask (a smile is still visible in the eyes), a kind gesture, or intentionally placing another's needs before your own. Share love. That's all. 

Be well. Stay safe.


Today is Friday, March 20, 2020.  I am working from home, no makeup, in my comfy clothes, sitting at my dining-room table on my computer. Today is no different then any other day because I always sit at my computer at my dining-room table to do my office work. I prefer it this way. It's quiet. There's no heavy vehicle traffic passing by. I can concentrate better here then I can at the shop. I go to the shop to produce my art...a different kind of energy and atmosphere is required.

I am a solo artist. I work alone. No employees. Because of this, my social interaction has always been limited and consists of going to church service weekly, and leading my small church group (both are now done online). That said, I have yet to feel the uncomfortable-ness associated with being socially distant. Also, being somewhat socially awkward and not overly engrossed in Facebook and the social media culture, I'm not overly panicked and fear stricken about COVID-19. So, what am I feeling?

Sadness. I am sad that many undeserving people are suffering and dying, closing their businesses, out of a job, are forced to live in a state of unknown, are scared, hurting and may have lost hope.

Concern. I'm concerned that there are those who are not taking this seriously enough and remain out and about as normal. Folks who are gambling with their lives by choosing to not live responsibly and may be affecting others by transferring the disease, knowingly or unknowingly. 

Hopeful. I have hope because I believe all of us impacted will come out of this and come out as better and more whole human beings. I'm hopeful that we will gain life altering lessons that will enrich our lives for the better, giving us a better understanding of what's important and who is important. I'm hopeful people will find God, and their love for Him and their faith in Him, will grow deeper. 

Grateful. My somewhat isolated lifestyle has kept my exposure to the world outside mine, minimal. I feel grateful that I am healthy! My shop has NEVER been open to the general public for retail sales either. It's just me - so I am grateful that I am able to continue on with business as usual. Both my Website and Etsy site are open and running, and will remain so as long as I'm able to create and ship my art to you. 

Prayerful. I always have and will always continue to pray; for the world, the country, and my community, and my customers, friends, neighbors, family and church family. I pray for you, and that you and your loved ones will stay safe, healthy and endure to see the fruit.

Loving. During this time when things are dark, I will let my light shine and shine brighter then ever. I will continue on loving others and spreading that love as far as possible; in word, in writing, and through my art. And when "this" is over, my promise is to never change that, and always make it "be" about love. 

Thankful. For you. Please tell me how I may pray for you. Post in the comments below.

Love, peace and blessings,



An afterthought...

If you're in need of something custom made especially for you, whether it be a piece of jewelry or an article of clothing, I will still be able to service you via online. It's a service that I have been providing worldwide from the very start of my business. Need more info?  Contact me!

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