Life Lessons Learned Through Leather - Lesson 2, The Masterpiece

hand made leather tassels, earrings, bracelet

Life Lessons Learned Through Leather, Lesson Two, The Masterpiece, like Lesson One, The Spec, involves tassel making. As I have written before, I developed my tassel making technique many years ago. I have worked diligently to perfect it, which has been quite the challenge because leather is consistently inconsistent. In the 14 plus years of honing my craft, I have yet to meet two leather hides that are exactly alike. Each has their own personality with unique markings, scars and holes, and each portion of a leather hide will vary in thickness, softness, and elasticity. So, before I am even able to cut the leather needed to make a tassel, or any leather art piece, I have to closely inspect and "get to know" the leather that I will be working with. From start to finish, it really is quite the process.

red Kimani Deerskin Leather Tassel Earrings

Recently, I received an email inquiring about my KIMANI Leather Tassel Earrings. In this email she wrote, "I'm curious to see how the tassels are bound since they aren't tied at the top. I'd like to use these for a horse riding event and am worried they may unravel after the first ride.". She also asked to see photos of the "seam". 

Tilu, Tiny Tassel Earrings, Deerskin Leather, Black, and matching tassel necklace

The reply I had sent was a little winded. I wrote that I developed and perfected the technique that I use to make all my leather tassels, and the design, has been thoroughly tested. I'm still wearing (and frequently) the original prototypes that are about 6 to 7 years old. They are extremely durable. I have yet to experience any unraveling even when I had mistakenly lathered them up along with my hair in the shower. Nor have I heard any negative feedback from my many customers, and returning customers, who have purchased my tassels throughout all the years that I have been making them. But during the entire time I had been writing my reply, all I really wanted to say to her me and my work!

kimani leather tassel earrings in sapphire blue deerskin

Some time had gone by after the sending of my reply when it occurred to me. How often it is that I do the same exact thing to my Creator! There have been many times when I have questioned and have doubted myself (His creation) and my abilities to do or achieve something. There have been times when I have doubted my life choices and questioned His plan for my life. There have been many times when I can't see Him work on my behalf, and I question what He's doing and how He's doing it.

When we don't trust God, we're not trusting in our Creator. We're not placing our life in His hands and having faith in His ability to create within us and around us, whether it be a work in progress or a completed work. Deep inside, we don't believe that his creations (you and me) are perfectly created because our focus is often times on the flaws we may see with in ourselves, or flaws others have pointed out to us in sometimes abusive situations. The thing is, The Creator ALWAYS sees His creations as unique, one of a kind, irreplaceable, and beautiful works of art!

Kimani Tassel Earrings, Mayo Deerskin

As a creator myself, it's difficult for me to not recognize imperfections in the pieces I create, however, the piece once completed, is a prideful work of art because of all the planning, and all the love and care that went into its creation. When I'm finished creating, I take a step back and have nothing but admiration for what I have created...flaws and all, perfectly imperfect in its beauty, and loved. ~ just like you and me and our Creator. ♥


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