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I cannot tell you how many emails I receive from customers asking for advise on how to choose a size cuff for their honey, friend, love, and even themselves. Often times they simply do not know what the wrist size is of the person they are buying for and they do not want to ask because it is a surprise. And, some of my clients would like to take advantage of the customization I do offer on both my website and in my shop on Etsy, and they want to make sure they have the sizing right.

I have experienced first hand what it's like to receive an online purchase that I've been waiting in anticipation for, and it doesn't fit. Disappointing can be an understatement. This is the very reason why I offer the customization service, and why it is that I do ask for measurements, and why I may follow up with you with a question or two. It brings me great joy knowing that I made something especially for you, or your gift recipient, and it fits as you expected it would. 

With all that said, I thought it was about time that I write a blog entry to share a list of trick-your-honey measuring suggestions for those times when "SURPRISE!" is the end goal, along with a suggestion or two from some of my customers which you may find rather amusing. I will be adding to this list as time goes by. Read on or, add on - please share your ideas by leaving a comment below! You may see it added to this list. :)

So hear goes....

            1. Take one of their existing cuffs or bracelets and when they're not around, try it on yourself placing it on your wrist or forearm at a point where it fits you. Mark and Measure that point. *HINT use some double stick tape to hold the tape measure in place.
              tricks and tips to measure a wrist when you want to surprise them
            2. Your wrist is larger, trying it on is not an option; with the cuff (watchband or bracelet) closed as if they are wearing it (it's probably the hole or area where the leather is most worn) measure the INSIDE circumference of the cuff using a dressmakers tape measure.tricks and tips to measure so you can surprise someone with a new cuff
            3. Tip from a customer:  "HA! Had to buy a new mini sewing kit yesterday as mine has come up missing. Was the perfect opportunity to be joking around with the tape measure, and asked him to measure my wrist. Then I said , here let's measure yours! Asked him to measure his neck too just to make it not look so planned, and he proceeded to ask me if I was making him a suit. LOL.". Oh boy, one could have some fun with this. lol
            4. Check one of your honey's past leather bracelet or cuff purchases by visiting the website and the listing where they had made that purchase. In the listing description, it may state what wrist sizes that cuff will fit. 
              how to surprise your love when you don't know their size


              Here is a recent example: a customer had sent me this photograph of a cuff that she screen captured from the website where her boyfriend had purchased the cuff. She told me that he wears it on the last snap nearest the edge of the cuff.

              I asked her for the link to that website which is where I had found in the listing description that the cuff fits wrists that measure 6.5" to 8.5".

              This is not an exact wrist measurement, however we can assume that his wrist measures approximately 8.5". The bracelet that I will be making for her boyfriend is adjustable so we do have some wiggle room.


            5. In case you're contemplating taking one of your love's current leather bracelets and measuring that in order to get his or hers wrist measurement, please don't. It's not the same. The bracelet he will receive from me will end up being too big. If you have doubts about that, check out this video:


            6. Should you need some help with the "how to" of measuring, I have dedicated an entire page to show you how to measure your body for clothing, your wrist for cuffs and bracelets, and your fingers for rings. That can be found here.

I hope you have found this information to be helpful. Remember, I will be adding to list so please pop back in again. And, thanks for reading! 

Be Well, Be Blessed,



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