So You Want to Surprise Them BUT....


I cannot tell you how many emails I receive from customers asking for advise on how to choose a size cuff for their honey, friend, love. People want to take advantage of the customization I offer in my shop on Etsy and on my website. I don't blame them.  I make a lot of online purchases myself, I know how much it sucks purchasing something only to receive it and it doesn't fit.  THAT's why I ask for measurements and why I'll make it to fit you and or your gift recipient.

But I digress.  I thought it was about time I blog about these sometimes rather amusing conversations and compose a list of trick-your-honey measuring suggestions. I'll probably be adding to this list as time goes by and incorporate a suggestion or two from some of my customers. It might be worth the laugh.

So hear goes....

  1. Take one of their existing cuffs or bracelets and when they're not around, try it on yourself placing it on your wrist or forearm at a point where it fits you. Mark and Measure that point. *HINT use some double stick tape to hold the tape measure in place.tricks and tips to measure a wrist when you want to surprise them
  2. If your wrist is bigger than theirs and you cannot try it on, then close the cuff, watch, or bracelet at the place where they wear it (you should have no probs detecting that on leather). Using a dressmakers tape measure, measure the circumference of the INSIDE of the cuff. tricks and tips to measure so you can surprise someone with a new cuff
  3. Tip from a customer:  "HA! Had to buy a new mini sewing kit yesterday as mine has come up missing. Was the perfect opportunity to be joking around with the tape measure, and asked him to measure my wrist. Then I said , here let's measure yours! Asked him to measure his neck too just to make it not look so planned, and he proceeded to ask me if I was making him a suit. LOL.". Oh boy, one could have some fun with this. lol
  4. To be continued...

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