Custom Designing ~ The Process

The custom design process begins with getting to know you; your style, your desires and your needs. This can be done in person for those local to the New Hampshire area, or by email and or zoom call for long distance clients. Hands-on, quality service is provided to all clients regardless of location, but creating for those too far for a personal fitting will require a little more effort and time.

The Making and Fitting of Your Pattern

Your measurements will be taken and used to hand draft your pattern. For those outside the area, a measurement chart will be emailed to you for you to fill out. It’s highly recommended a friend or tailor take your measurements for you.

I will make a muslin prototype of your design to test the pattern, fine tune the design, and to fit you. When an in-person fitting is not feasible, the muslin will be mailed to you with fit and photography instructions. Some projects may require more than one muslin prototype to be made and additional fittings.

Because a leather garment cannot be easily altered, it’s imperative that we spend the time to get the fit and the design just right. Please note, all designs and patterns will be kept and placed in your file.

Building Your Garment

There are MANY types and finishes of leather available to you, and if we can imagine it, we can design and make it. The only thing that may restrict us is your budget.

Unlike constructing a garment with fabric which can be ripped out and re-sewn, leather leaves no room for mistakes so careful thought and attention is given to every aspect of a garment’s construction.

Prior to cutting, each leather hide is inspected for color continuity, scars, and imperfections. Each pattern piece is strategically placed on the leather hide to ensure the finished garment will not only look beautiful but will be long lasting. Each pattern piece is cut out by hand one at a time. Quality lining fabric, trims and hardware are sourced and used.  

 The Experience


Book a Consultation

Lisa does limit the projects she takes on. Please email Lisa to discuss your needs or, click the tab at the bottom of this page to request a consultation

For more information on custom designing and to view some examples of past projects, please visit Custom Made Leather Clothing & Accessories 


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