Leather Love — Kama Braided Leather Ring

My Kama Braided Leather Rings ~ It's a Pure Kind of Love

My Kama Braided Leather Rings ~ It's a Pure Kind of Love

2 Souls ~ Friendship that transcends time, travel, tribe, color, age & religion ~ Love in its purest form.

I was madly in love.
The head over heels kind of romantic love that fills one's soul with excitement and extreme, "I can't live without you" joy.

I wanted to give my love something he could wear so that when I was not near, it would remind him of my love and devotion to him, and us. What better than a ring?

I made him...

Under the Tuscan Sun

When someone chooses to purchase one of my leather goodies, in a way they are inviting a portion of me into their life. The item they chose, I am making with my very hands and it's a design I had created from the depths of my soul. That's why I refer to my leather pieces as "art".  

I am very grateful when a person chooses one of my pieces to adorn themselves with. I am equally grateful when they choose to share a photo of themselves wearing it!  From my studio in Somersworth, New Hampshire to Italy, has one of my...