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REPAIRS ~ A Rip in a Car Door Handle Get's Fixed ~ There's a First For Everything

When a son asks his Leather-Working Momma to repair the leather he just ripped on the handle of the back seat, passenger side door, she has two choices; say no and he goes somewhere else, or, you give it a go and make an attempt at doing something you have never done before. I did the latter and made this "before and after" video short to capture my first go at repairing leather car upholstery. We all know that this could have gone very wrong, but thankfully, all the years I have spent honing my craft were put to good use and I passed the...

How to Remove Gasoline from Doc Martens - Not

How to Remove Gasoline from Doc Martens - Not

I know what you're thinking. 'Really? How does one spill gasoline on their boots?'. I asked myself the very same question as I kicked myself in the butt with said boots. Here's the story.

I saved up some money to treat myself to a pair of Docs that I have been eyeing for some time. I purchased them for working at the shop which has concrete floors. Doc Martens are the only boots I have tried to date that keep my feet from throbbing by mid-day. And these particular Docs are fur lined which I desperately need during the LONG New...