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Told for the First Time ~ My Story

Told for the First Time ~ My Story

Recently, I was asked to share my story publicly as part of the Inspiring Stories Series for Boston Voyager Magazine. I graciously and appreciatively accepted the invitation with the belief that my journey may be of encouragement to others.

Under the Tuscan Sun

When someone chooses to purchase one of my leather goodies, in a way they are inviting a portion of me into their life. The item they chose, I am making with my very hands and it's a design I had created from the depths of my soul. That's why I refer to my leather pieces as "art".  

I am very grateful when a person chooses one of my pieces to adorn themselves with. I am equally grateful when they choose to share a photo of themselves wearing it!  From my studio in Somersworth, New Hampshire to Italy, has one of my...