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Sexy Trio

Unscripted and you will be able to notice - for sure! But I had to  make a video tape of this trio, and I had to share in all its transparency...too cool not too!  And if you listen until the very end, you will hear a little Pharrell going on. That's my sister calling in. hahaha  I didn't even clip that out.

Heaven Cannot Wait

The Heaven Halter is one of my very first designs that I made using leather as my medium. And it was actually an accident!  I'm chuckling as I write this because I'm getting flashbacks of just how this design came about. The first couple of prototypes B.O.M.B.E.D.  There was a time crunch. I felt the pressure to think quick and think on my feet. I worked with what I had, a tweak here, change this there, move that over there, and "voila!".  A beautiful and unique leather halter that ended up being my most popular design to date. Go figure!!!...

Match Made in Heaven

African Trade Bead Bracelet - rare and unusual Ethiopian black trade beads - on male African modelChuma African Trade Bead Bracelet and Kama Braided Leather Ring on male model

Chuma African Trade Bead Leather Bracelet and Kama Braided Leather Ring ~ not quite made in Heaven but close? Made with my hands and with love

◘ C H U M A ◘ [wealthy]

African Trade Bead Leather Bracelet.
Rustic ~ Primitive ~ Tastefully Tribal.
& Perfectly Stackable.
Him / Her.

• thick and sturdy 2 mm round leather cord...