Making Leather Bracelets, Reset Day, Dover High School, January 2024

Lisa cantalupo and friends at reset day dover high school new hampshire
kyle plummer at dover high school reset day

My friends and I recently shared our leather bracelet making expertise with the students and staff at the first ever Dover High School "Reset Day". Mental health was the focus as the students and staff took a day off from their classes in order to participate in different activities that supported personal well-being and self-care.

reset day at dover high school bracelet proto types

Keeping in theme with my Compassion Collection of engraved dog-tag-like jewelry pieces, we selected a Nelson Mandela quote to engrave onto  leather "plates". My friend, Juan Navarro from Lightgroove Studios donated his laser engraving cutting services, engraving and cutting a total of 194 plates for this event. The quote; "It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done".

lisa cantalupo with faculty member at dover high school reset day

My team and I came up with six different leather bracelets designs for the students and faculty members to choose from. We gathered beads of many variations, sizes and colors. We gathered the leather and the elastic cords for stringing. We even provided leather strapping and rivets for those who preferred to create their own one-of-a-kind pieces.  

melanie and adriana at dover high school reset dayThere were well over 100 students and faculty members who had visited us that day. Each was given the opportunity to make a bracelet with us. We were given the opportunity to share with them the creative process and its healing benefits. It was a rewarding experience for us and a fun day for all!!! 


Learn More About Dover High School's Reset Day


For Group Bracelet Making Inquiries please contact us.
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