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Master of What Exactly

a single leather flower on a braided leather ring by lisa cantalupo

Two times in the past week two different people referred to me as a master leather worker. Honored for certain but it got me to thinking what such a title holds because I really don't see myself as one.

I have been working with leather since 2005. Before that, fabric was my medium. I was taught how to sew by my Mother who was a sample maker for a Boston area fashion designer, and she too was taught to sew by her...

Soul 2 Soul

suede leather flowers hand cut and molded in exquisite jewel colors

An artist creates art with their hands, but it's their soul that is poured into every single creation.

We are an empty vessel, a tube of sorts where energy passes through and masterpieces are given life ~ with love and passion.

I believe your attraction to my art is your soul attracted to my soul.

I have made the most soulful connections through my art; some brief, some lasting, some electronically and some face to face. What an incredible gift! For this reason I...