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Karma is Just a Pretty Word


Karma is a pretty word....sunrise photo captured on the beaches of Nantucket, MA


Karma, I think is a pretty word to describe the negative circumstances you create from making a bad decision.

One thing I have learned from the bad decisions I have made is no matter what my intent was, how open and honest I was, or that I try to be a kind, loving, and generous person - no matter how I rationalized it or justified it - if that...

Facebook Follies

This post is not intended to piss off anyone - really. I'm just reaching out to see if I'm all alone here so please hear me out and refrain from jumping down my blogger throat. 

I'm growing somewhat weary of Facebook.  I cannot believe I'm even uttering such nonsense but good Lord I'm not sure I can stomach reading another rant full of F-bombs and complaints about other people and life in general. A recent post from a friend of mine really got me to thinking....has Facebook created a hamster wheel of sorts keeping people stuck in ruts of self...