I Never Made a Magician's Jacket Before. My First Encounter With Magic Dick From the J. Geils Band


I laugh every time I think of that moment in time when I uttered those words to a potential client. I remember the explosion of laughter that came out of my earpiece before she uttered, "He's not a magician!  *more laughter* His name is Magic Dick. He's the harpist for the J. Geils Band!".  I laughed, hard, before the big exhale and a huge sigh of relief. I never did make a magician's jacket before and to be honest, I was sort of stressing about the amount of pockets and hidden compartments I would have to figure out how to add to a jacket. 

That was about 6 years ago. Fast forward to this past fall when once again I had the honor to work with Magic Dick and his wife Susan.  This time I would be making a custom leather vest for the "Magician". This time, the creative reigns were loosened a bit giving me a little more freedom to add a lil-bit-a Lisa to the design, and I think it really paid off. I like it. Susan likes it. More importantly, Dick likes it. He even thinks it makes him look thinner while performing on stage.  My job, is complete.  Not that I was worried. *sigh*

Magic Dick wearing Sexy Skins Leather custom designed leather vest

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