Leather Love — Magic Dick

Some Leather and a Boat Load of Talent

Custom Designed Leather Biker Vest by Lisa Cantalupo
The boat load of talent? That would be Magic Dick from the legendary J. Geils Band.  And the leather?  Well, that's all me. 

I Never Made a Magician's Jacket Before. My First Encounter With Magic Dick From the J. Geils Band


I laugh every time I think of that moment in time when I uttered those words to a potential client. I remember the explosion of laughter that came out of my earpiece before she uttered, "He's not a magician!  *more laughter* His name is Magic Dick. He's the harpist for the J. Geils Band!".  I laughed, hard, before the big exhale and a huge sigh of relief. I never did make a magician's jacket before and to be honest, I was sort of stressing about the amount of pockets and hidden compartments I would have to figure out how...

Ingenious Collaborations

And looking good while doing it. Magic Dick is wearing a custom leather jacket by Lisa Cantalupo

Magic Dick & Shun Ng - Glide Magazine

Magic Dick and Shun Ng team up - creative genius times two.

 Glide Magazine - Magic Dick & Shun Ng 

Magic Dick and Shun Ng - creative genius times two

Magic Dick & Shun Ng - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (James Brown Cover)