Art. It's in the Details. Or is it?

close up of the detailed hand work on the Kyra Booty Shorts

Art. What makes art art, are the details. What makes a work of art differ from another is how the artist chooses to manipulate his or her medium. Leather is my medium.

When someone looks at this photo they will only be able to see braided leather ties and a bunch of fringe. Others will experience the hours of labor that went into the making of that fringe; the cutting by hand, one strand at a time, and the pulling and twisting of each to give it its character and personality. Some will notice how each fall of the fringe has been carefully cut to a point and how the fringe ends perfectly match the end of the ties. Some will appreciate the beads that were handmade from a tribe all the way in Africa (yes, they were ethically sourced). It's sort of like the passerby who is able to recognize the beauty of a Picasso when there are more who will stand in front of the same painting with their head half cocked in bewilderment.

You cannot explain art. You either get it or you don't. You either see its value and appreciate the soul of the artist who became vulnerable enough to create the piece, or you pass on by unmoved. That's what makes it art. 

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