How African Recycled Glass Beads are Made!

I am obsessed with handmade beads, especially those that are made in Africa. I have to stop myself from purchasing beads that I cannot yet incorporate into a design, although, there have been times when a bead will be the inspiration behind the design. 

Today, while searching for a sky blue African Glass Bead for one of my popular designs, my Cliff Booth Replica Leather Bracelet, I stumbled across a video of how these recycled glass beads are made. All these years that I have been using them in many of my pieces, I had no idea that this was the process! I loved them before, but now I love them even more! 




As you can see from the video, there are no machines used in the making of these beads. No fancy kilns or ovens are used, or a production line of workers working hard to "just get the job done". Making these beads, from beginning to end, is truly an art form. And now you know, besides my two hands, there is another set of hands that has taken part in the creation of the piece of leather art that you will wear. How cool is that?!

I made a short clip of a handful of my designs, past and present, where I have incorporated some of these beautiful African Recycled Glass Beads. Cliff Booth Replica Leather Bracelet, are featured in it too. Check it out below!

Thank you for reading, and thank for watching!



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