Making Dragon Scales ~ 3 pieces for a Costume Designer & Television Show


Sometimes life gifts you with an opportunity that at first, you're not even aware it's an opportunity. I'll explain.

Recently, I received an email asking if I would sell the leather I used in my Dragon Scales Dice Bags. Sure, why not. These are hides that I stock, so it's not a big deal to sell one or two of them. I emailed her a price and awaited a reply.

It took another one or two emails from her before I realized it wasn't a leather hide that she had wanted. It was my leather dragon scales! Through more emails back and forth discussing the "need by" date and holiday closings, I learned that she will be inserting my leather dragon scales into the sleeves of two men's jackets. Long story short, I made for her 3 - 12" x 16" pieces and shipped them off overnight Express Mail.

Done, right? Not entirely. Come to find out, she is the costume designer for a television show so, my dragon scales will be on TV!  How cool is that?!

The video above is a short clip of me making the scales and what the finished pieces look like. She promised photos of the finished jackets once the studio gives permission to release them. She will also let me know when the episode will air. I'll keep you posted!

Here's a little back story about my Dragon Scales...

I had developed the technique for making my Dragon Scales because of a customer request for a Dragon Scales Guitar Strap. My customer got hooked on then and requested them to be used in other designs. We ended up going off in a different direction to incorporate them into what became my DRAAK Dragon Scales Leather Dice Bags - Dungeons and Dragons Game Pouch. Then after those came Dragon Scales Bracers in a silvery pearl lambskin. Then after that, a Dragon Eye Key Chain and a Dragon Eye Luggage Tag.

dragon scales guitar strap custom design and sketch

To be honest, as tedious as these scales are to make, I enjoy making them!! So much so that I may make and offer squares of them for you to include in your designs and masterpieces. I'll keep you posted on that too!! :-)


My DRAAK Dragon Scales Dice Bags

My Dragon Scales Guitar Straps

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