Leather Love — African Turquoise

Lisa's Favorite Leather Bracelets - Bunched & Beautiful!

lisa's five most favorite designs - five unique leather bracelets; Kuende, Amari, Yuki, Tyrese, and Powa

This bracelet set is made up of my all time fave of my favorite leather bracelets. I wear this bracelet bunch quite often. In fact, that's my wrist in the photo modeling these leather bracelets, a few of which are original samples made some five (plus) years ago. They age nicely don't you think?  The photo below are what each look like brand spanking new.

You can find each of these bracelets listed individually...

Lovely Bunches of Bracelets

bracelet bunch featuring some favorites; Tyrese Twist Braid, Amari Braided Leather Bracelet, Kuende African Turquoise & Carnelian Bracelet, Yuki slim Braided Bracelet, and Powa African Glass Bead Bracelet

◘ K U E N D E ◘ [growth; evolution]

KUENDE is a Swahili name meaning growth and evolution. In case you're wondering, I do not speak the language. I had to look it up as I do all the names I choose for my leather pieces. Each piece has come to me during particular periods in my life, so I feel each should have their very own identity. Thank God for Google. 

Kuende braided leather bracelet with African Turquoise and Carnelian Stones

The design for KUENDE came to me during a time where I was painfully evolving, experiencing events in...