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Lisa's Favorite Leather Bracelets - Bunched & Beautiful!

lisa's five most favorite designs - five unique leather bracelets; Kuende, Amari, Yuki, Tyrese, and Powa

This bracelet set is made up of my all time fave of my favorite leather bracelets. I wear this bracelet bunch quite often. In fact, that's my wrist in the photo modeling these leather bracelets, a few of which are original samples made some five (plus) years ago. They age nicely don't you think?  The photo below are what each look like brand spanking new.

You can find each of these bracelets listed individually...

My Lovely Kama Braided Leather Rings

The design for my Kama Rings was inspired by love. Some of you wear these as symbols of your love while others just love to wear them. Kama is Sanskrit for the word love - perfect don't you think?

The story behind these rings is here: The Story of Love

Match Made in Heaven

African Trade Bead Bracelet - rare and unusual Ethiopian black trade beads - on male African modelChuma African Trade Bead Bracelet and Kama Braided Leather Ring on male model

Chuma African Trade Bead Leather Bracelet and Kama Braided Leather Ring ~ not quite made in Heaven but close? Made with my hands and with love

◘ C H U M A ◘ [wealthy]

African Trade Bead Leather Bracelet.
Rustic ~ Primitive ~ Tastefully Tribal.
& Perfectly Stackable.
Him / Her.

• thick and sturdy 2 mm round leather cord...