Tassel Tuesday in Celebration of the Dress

Say whaaaat?

I have not gone mad. It's just that I never wear dresses, EVER. Love them, but never wear them. I just don't feel all that comfy in them. I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal. But today, for some bizarre reason, I opted to wear a dress!  I know, right?!  I'll be honest, I cheated and threw a pair of leggings on underneath. I just could not give up the comfy for the feminine. 

Lisa Cantalupo in a dress

Because this is such a big deal, I decided I needed a pair of earrings to go with my way too cool ensemble (unfortunately you cannot see my sandals and pig tails in this pic). So, I whipped up a pair of my Baby Kimani Leather Tassel Earrings in black deerskin.

Lisa Cantalupo wearing Baby Kimani Leather Tassel Earrings

My pigtails are still not quite in the view in this shot but I don't think it detracts from the Baby Kimani's. These are little, especially in comparison to my Long Kimani Tassel Earrings.  I didn't mention yet that I make these tassels completely by hand with a technique I developed and have perfected. They're light and very easy to wear = comfy. I have to be comfy.  My tassel earrings are like no other; polished, professional, elegant, and EXCELLENT.  And, I make them in four different lengths; Baby, Mini-mini, Mini, and Long. 

Kimani Leather Tassel Earrings in four different lengths and a handful of different colors

My Long Kimani's are not in that photograph however, a Sexy Skins Leather Lover was kind enough to share a photo of herself wearing hers!

sexy skins leather lover in her LONG Kimani Leather Tassel Earrings

I am very particular when I'm choosing the leather for my Kimani Earrings. It has to be soft, light, and just the right texture. If it's too thick, they will be too heavy and bulky. I probably spend half my time finding the right hide and the right portion of the hide before I cut the fringe...by hand...one fall at a time (there can be up to 50 in just one earring). Insanity. But I strive for excellence so it's a must do.

All that effort means nothing though unless the person I'm making them for is pleased and in love with their leather.  I mean ultimately, that's the goal. It has to be, right?  So when they take the time to write me a note and send in a pic of themselves totally digging their leather goodies, I am ecstatic and extremely grateful. Here's the photo Rebekah sent in of herself wearing her Mini Mayonnaise Kimani's...

artist Rebekah Ford in her MIni Kimani Earrings

That's it. That's all I got. I will end though with this...I do make these babies in a handful of colors and *think* I will be adding red to the mix soon. I also just added an earring wire option - hooks or lever backs. Choices, choices and more choices. If you need help deciding, holler at me!  I'm happy to help!

Until next time...




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