The Key to...

A lot lately I have been receiving messages that have keys in them. I read something and there was mention of a key. I watched a documentary and again, a key was an integral part of the story. I decided to listen to a video message, and yet again, there was talk of the key. I don't know if anything like that ever happens to you where you feel like maybe the universe is sending you some kind of message but I knew I had to explore - there were just too many coincidences. And, here's what I learned.

"Keys connote the ability to uncover secret knowledge, illuminate hidden wisdom and gain entry to fortified areas. Keys can also symbolize initiation and freedom. They open the doors of opportunity so that one can reach one's goal."

Well that seemed right on for my current life experiences. So, I pulled out my skeleton key necklace from my Sexy Skins Leather stash and began to wear it around again.  Yes, I did say again.  Some time ago, I had an epiphany of sorts that inspired me to take an old skeleton key from my youth and put it on a leather cord. I think the most recent "key" reference was a not so gentle reminder to connect. And or, an idea for a new design perhaps.

french skeleton keysI decide the new design idea was worth exploring and I began poking around Etsy to see if I could get my hands on something unique and unusual.  That's when I found this set of 4 small vintage French keys that came from a brocante in Bourgogne, France.  (I have no idea what a "brocante" is but I purchased them anyway for their unique style and shape.)

I cannot wait to get these stubby square looking keys in my hands so I can play around with some leather and see what creative energy flows through my being and designs I end up with. While I'm anxiously waiting for their arrival, I will go see if I can dig up some more keys from far away places.  Hey, maybe I'll find out what a "brocante" is too while I'm there. Unless you know.....I'm real keyurious.  I know, bad. That's why I did not choose a career as a stand up comedian.

Stay tuned....

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