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1,000 Etsy Sales Milestone

1,000 Etsy Sales Milestone

An "I just made 1,000 sales on Etsy" celebratory selfie!! I'm standing in front of the very first Sexy Skins Leather banner we ever had. 

My Lovely Kama Braided Leather Rings

The design for my Kama Rings was inspired by love. Some of you wear these as symbols of your love while others just love to wear them. Kama is Sanskrit for the word love - perfect don't you think?

The story behind these rings is here: The Story of Love

Kyra Leather Booty Shorts

Ultra-soft luxurious deerskin, beautiful rich colors and loads of detail for that tribal personality that befits the queen of queens. These booties are GORGEOUS! Check'em out!

The Key to...

A lot lately I have been receiving messages that have keys in them. I read something and there was mention of a key. I watched a documentary and again, a key was an integral part of the story. I decided to listen to a video message, and yet again, there was talk of the key. I don't know if anything like that ever happens to you where you feel like maybe the universe is sending you some kind of message but I knew I had to explore - there were just too many coincidences. And, here's what I learned.