1,000 Etsy Sales Milestone


lisa maria cantalupo standing in front of the first banner she made celebrating 1000 etsy store sales

An "I just made 1,000 sales on Etsy" celebratory selfie!! I took this just a few moments ago. I'm standing in front of the very first Sexy Skins Leather banner we ever had. We hung this at the events we had set up at about 12 years ago. At the that time, I couldn't afford a real banner (or much else) so I made one out of a couple leather hides I had laying around. By hand, I cut out each letter in our business name, and our logo and stitched it all together. Now it hangs on the wall in my shop near the entry.

Who would have thought that some 13 years later I would be standing here, in my own shop creating leather goodies for you all. [I'm crying as I type this] I can't believe after all these years, a slow start on Etsy (did you know that the first few years I had hardly any sales whatsoever?), and through the many trials, failures, losses, lessons, and heartaches myself and children have endured, that I'm still at it. I was crazy enough to not give up and give in to my circumstances, and I was able to find joy even when there was so much death surrounding me. That is only because I found my strength in God. And through His love and grace, along with great fans, friends, family and customers, "I ain't sewing in my basement no more". 

I truly am incredibly grateful beyond measure - Thank you! ♥




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  • Love this..CONGRATS beautiful Mama! xoxo

    • Brenda