Gimmick. What's Your's?

Before you answer, let's define the word so we're on the same page.

  1. a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.
    synonyms: publicity stunt, contrivance, scheme, stratagem, ploy;
    informal shtick
    "the trivia contest was a gimmick to sell more newspapers"

I thought businesses were the only ones guilty of the overuse of gimmicks in order to build their business. I sure am guilty of a gimmick or two especially in the early Sexy Skins years when I was finding my self personally, professionally and as an artist. My understanding at the time was that I needed a gimmick in order to find love in my personal life and attract customers in my business life. I grew tired of continually trying to impress and attract (AND being on the receiving end of other's gimmicks was equally tiring).  Why wasn't who I am and what I create enough?

 But it is.  I may not have a big fancy shmancy corporate office with a boat load of employees and a factory in China mass producing my designs to be sold in several big box stores around the country. It may always be my hands creating my art that I offer directly to you.  At least though I am free to live a genuine existence where being me and creating my art is good enough. In fact, it's better in such a way that is allows me to inhabit a place of authenticity, albeit a vulnerable place, where whether on the personal or business front, the connections and relationships made are based on honesty and truth....a gimmick free zone where you can be you, and I can be me. Perhaps, that's what God intended all along. 

 Peace out,


injured winged butterfly resting on a wild flower

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