Goodbye or Hello - Which Comes First?

broken wing dragonfly on my pathIs it possible to focus on the future while enjoying the present, at the same time you are regretting or longing for the past - and not remain stuck in one place?

I gained some insight about this while on my prayer walk today which I share in this video. I also talk about prime real estate and used my closet as an example. Prime real estate could be your heart, soul, body and even your mind. What thoughts do you allow to occupy that space?  What self talk do you keep repeating over and over again that does absolutely nothing good and serves no purpose?

I thought this self reflection and the insight I gained was important enough to share with the world that I would actually record myself looking as unprofessional as possible. lol  And I'm pretty much huffing and puffing throughout as well so bear with.  Hopefully though you'll be able to find a nugget in there somewhere and be blessed.

Peace out (for now)


P.S. Just about at the very end of my walk today, on the ground on my path was the beautiful broken winged dragonfly.  I moved him to the place where this photo was taken.  


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  • Hi Lenny! Glad to know I made someone’s day! Thanks for the comment…Lisa

    • Lisa Cantalupo
  • Simply put a pretty cool video I bought a pair of motorcycle boots today and they said they didn’t make the pants in my size anymore so it’s 71 I was bummed out ??this made my day thanks
    • Lenny