Suede Fringe Hoop Earrings on model
Leather Fringe Earrings | Artisan Hoop Earrings with Goat Suede Fringe

Latifah Lux Suede Leather Fringe Hoop Earrings - SS1104

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Now available in three different sizes!

◘ L A T I F A H ◘ [elegant]

Are leather fringe earrings designed for the warrior princesses, the tribal queens, and the goddesses. Exquisitely handcrafted with plush ingredients and artisan crafted earring components from Arizona. The colors and the materials chosen were done so with your spirit in mind.

The Details...

  • Long slivers of fringe are hand-cut from the softest most lux suede leather - goat suede - for that feel good swoosh against your neck.
  • Each is hand tied one by one onto beautifully hand crafted and uniquely shaped copper hoops and hooks ~ the creation of Arizona Jewelry Artisan, Maria Scott.
  • The fringe is carefully fluffed and trimmed to give Latifah its tribal shape.
  • Rich and luscious hues of color to choose from: Black, Chocolate, Moss, Burgundy, Purple, Jade, Denim, Thistle, Vanilla, White Slate
  •  Available in Three Lengths; Long (9" x 3.5"), Original (7" x 3"), and Petite (5" x 2.5"). All measurements are approximate and include the earring hook.
  • The approximate diameter of the hoop circles: Long 57 mm, Original 47 mm, and Petite 35 mm.


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On the Model...



    Leather Fringe Earrings | Artisan Hoop Earrings with Goat Suede Fringe
    Latifah Long Luxury Goatsuede Fringe Hoop Earrings Moss Green close up
    latifah dreamcatcher earrings in white lamb suede
    chocolate brown Latifah Fringe Hoop Earrings
    Denim blue Latifah Fringe Earrings - handmade artisan hoops
    Latifah Fringe Earrings, Denim Goat Suede on handmade copper hoops
    fringe hoop earrings _denim goat suede_ Latifah Fringe Earrings
    Moss Green Latifah Artisan Hoop Fringe Earrings
    Available lengths for Latifah Luxury Goatsuede Fringe Hoop Earrings; Petite, Original, Long
    Latifah Dreamcatcher Earrings in moss green lamb suede
    colors available for Latifah Long Luxury Goatsuede Fringe Hoop Earrings