Getting Real

unedited photo of shani braided leather bracelet and my blisters


I thought I would get real with you and share a pic that maybe doesn't best represent my finished work, but better represents the effort that goes into it instead.

This SHANI Braided Leather Bracelet is hand-braided and if you look closely, you can see one of the 4 blisters I got while braiding it. When an artist says they put their blood, sweat and tears into their creations, believe them. it's no lie. It's passion. It's love for life and self-expression. It's our breath. It's putting self in a vulnerable place in order to bring all of the above to you.

SHANI was one of 3 pieces sent out to my customers last week. My blisters have scabbed over and are almost healed. There's no more discomfort. I can braid again without bandages. Onto the next soulful expression. 

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