Leather Love — kama

Wacky Wednesday ~ Vintage Style with an African Twist

I arrived this morning to my humble leather-working abode feeling a wee bit crazed - in a fun way.  So, I decided to pull out the smart phone and take some pix of another wacky outfit (especially my 1980's vintage shoes!) and my leather accessories.

When I sat to go through all the photos, I saw my story unfold through the lens. The joyous and bubbly side of me is apparent in the beginning shots but toward the end, I see someone different - a more mature woman who has endured and overcome.  

Here before you in this blog...

My Lovely Kama Braided Leather Rings

The design for my Kama Rings was inspired by love. Some of you wear these as symbols of your love while others just love to wear them. Kama is Sanskrit for the word love - perfect don't you think?

The story behind these rings is here: The Story of Love