Wacky Wednesday ~ Vintage Style with an African Twist

I arrived this morning to my humble leather-working abode feeling a wee bit crazed - in a fun way.  So, I decided to pull out the smart phone and take some pix of another wacky outfit (especially my 1980's vintage shoes!) and my leather accessories.

When I sat to go through all the photos, I saw my story unfold through the lens. The joyous and bubbly side of me is apparent in the beginning shots but toward the end, I see someone different - a more mature woman who has endured and overcome.  

Here before you in this blog entry lies the artist behind the leather. The soul attached to the hands that creates the pieces on these pages, some of which I happen to be wearing in these shots....which was the reason for the pix in the first place.  

I should mention these shots are unedited, no makeup, and without any filters. Raw (real). Like me. :-)

vintage 1980's black leather and suede platform buckled sandals

My sprained multiple times ankle and painted toes in my 1980's Italian vintage black leather and suede platform sandals. Yes, I have kept them for that long!

lisa cantalupo finally doing her pet peave - fish lips

I hate fish lips - gosh it's my pet peeve and never have I ever posed with them but I had the silly feels and lost myself in the moment. It will not happen again. LOL


Private. For the last few years I have been somewhat anti-social even on my social networking accounts. I kept to myself for a few reasons; I chose not to wallow in self pity or blame, I chose to guard my energy and use it only in places where growth could and would take place, and when I am able to tell my story without the attachment of any emotion whatsoever I will tell it for the good of others. Until that time, my story will remain hidden.

lisa cantalupo reflective

I'm not sure what I was thinking or feeling in this photo. Maybe I should edit this one though to bring out the brown in my "eye" and the brown in the Ziri African Pendant that I'm wearing. lol

lisa cantalupo

This is the last of them. I'll let you read what you want from this shot. Maybe you'll see something in me that I don't and be willing to share it in the comments below. 


My Holy Jeans. That is what my 17 year old calls them because I'm spiritual and they have holes in them everwhere (he's quite the comedian) - I distressed the crap out of them myself including patches, rips, threads and bleach spots.  And my 1980's Vintage Sandals - LOVE. 

Ziri African Pendant Lariat Style Necklace

Imani Adjustable Leather Tassel Necklace

Baby Kimani Leather Tassel Earrings

Kuende African Turquoise and Red Carnelian Leather Bracelet

Kama Braided Leather Ring                     

Now if you have read this far and you wish to make a purchase, enter code WACKYWEDNESDAY during checkout to save 20% off any order, any amount. It's not retroactive and cannot be combined or anything else you can come up with. :-)

Peace Out! 💙

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