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Three Vintage French Keys ~ A Time for Abundance

Three Vintage French Keys ~ A Time for Abundance

small vintage French keys that came from a brocante in Bourgogne, France

You may be wondering what three vintage keys from France have to do with abundance unless they are responsible for unlocking a door that is housing something of value. Well, I suppose there is some truth to that. I will explain.

I purchased these vintage keys from a shop on Etsy a while back. If you are a follower of any of my Facebook pages, blogs, or any of my social media accounts then you may actually remember reading about this...

◘ K U E N D E ◘ [growth; evolution]

KUENDE is a Swahili name meaning growth and evolution. In case you're wondering, I do not speak the language. I had to look it up as I do all the names I choose for my leather pieces. Each piece has come to me during particular periods in my life, so I feel each should have their very own identity. Thank God for Google. 

Kuende braided leather bracelet with African Turquoise and Carnelian Stones

The design for KUENDE came to me during a time where I was painfully evolving, experiencing events in...