Three Vintage French Keys ~ A Time for Abundance

small vintage French keys that came from a brocante in Bourgogne, France

You may be wondering what three vintage keys from France have to do with abundance unless they are responsible for unlocking a door that is housing something of value. Well, I suppose there is some truth to that. I will explain.

I purchased these vintage keys from a shop on Etsy a while back. If you are a follower of any of my Facebook pages, blogs, or any of my social media accounts then you may actually remember reading about this purchase. If not, here's a little back story.

Last fall, I kept having "key" encounters; dreams and occasions in which keys, either symbolically or physically, continually crossed my path.  This sent me to Etsy in search of unusual keys. I found and purchased a set of 4 small vintage keys that came from a brocante in Bourgogne, France with the intention of developing a design that would incorporate these special little nuggets and mark this particular occasion in my life of self discovery.  Unfortunately, the keys ended up getting packed up with the rest of my leather shop in preparation for our move, not to be seen until this past Saturday when I retrieved them from their box....purposely, for now I knew it was time to put them to use. I had another dream!

Do you ever have dreams that impact your sleeping state enough that you remember them and know there is a message for you if you can play detective long enough to uncover what it is?  In my most recent key dream, I was brought to a home in which I was going to reside in the near future. Within the walls of this home were all my personal belongings already set in their place. I had moved them in and all that remained to move in was me, which was to happen in the days to come. However, I was now standing on the outside looking inside watching as a couple stripped MY bed of its linens to make up MY bed with THEIR linens. All THEIR personal belongings were scattered among and on top of my furniture - they were using my stuff!  The landlord had rented this house to them, allowing them to use it's contents which all belonged to me. I was being robbed in a very peculiar way. 

I was standing in the backyard of this house with a friend, watching all this unfold. Next to us was all the junky furniture and belongings that I no longer needed or even wanted; my children's old crib stuffed into a box, and the same very old broken chairs that we had abandoned when we moved from our old house. I was standing there next to this trash when all the good stuff was locked inside. That's when my friend asked me what I was going to do. I looked at her and opened up my hand to expose one small gold key. I said, "I'm going to get my stuff".  I phoned my son to bring a van, NOW. That's where it happened. Fear and worry took over me. I stood their fretting what could happen if I did such an act. Would I get arrested? Would my attorney be able to represent me and could I afford to pay him? Would the court and jury see my side of the story and overlook the fact I broke in and stole my own stuff? That's when I awoke from my dream.

The meaning or message of this dream was revealed through my journal writing and talking about it with my son. 

In my dream, the crappy stuff left outside the house (old crib and broken chairs) represented the negativity from the past.  The stuff inside the house that I was unable to retrieve (nice luxurious furnishings) represented newness and abundance. And there I stood holding a small golden key.  A key that had the power to unlock the doors to a life filled with love, peace, happiness and wealth. But here's the kicker, I have to use the dang key!  I have to go inside that house and take what is rightfully mine without fear of the consequences. I have to close the door on negativity and the past.  I have to live in the now and present moment without concern for what the future will or will not bring. I have to remain steadfast and focused.  And, I have to be open to becoming the person I was destined to be. What a power packed message!!

So now what?  I retrieved those vintage French keys. I wanted a symbol that I could wear every day as a constant reminder to let go of the past with thanksgiving and gratitude for the lessons which were gifted me, while at the same time remind myself that in my hand I hold the key that will unlock all the goodness of a life filled with abundance.  I pulled out my stash of leather. I opened my heart and soul and allowed myself to be a vessel one more time to let the mighty powers work through me. I began to create.

french key on braided deerskin leather corded necklace

There are four strands of leather which I braided together, much like how our lives are intertwined with experiences and people who affect our being in both positive or negative ways. Take notice of the braided leather cord on each side of the key. On the left side, the black leather is on the bottom and on the right side of the key, the black leather is on the top. It's inverted in a kind of Yin Yang sort of a way to represent the change from the old way of thinking and believing to a new way of thinking and believing.

This necklace for me will also serve as a reminder of our personal responsibility to evolve, see beyond the obvious, and become more aware and conscious of what we're thinking and believing. A reminder to place effort into developing a greater understanding of soul and to realize the deep connection we share with other souls who may differ from us in every way. A reminder that we are responsible for the everyday reality we create for ourselves. We hold the key. We have that power. No one else.

Keys connote the ability to uncover secret knowledge, illuminate hidden wisdom and gain entry to fortified areas. Keys can also symbolize initiation and freedom. They open the doors of opportunity so that one can reach one's goal.*

May you find your key that unlocks a life filled with abundance and true freedom. 

Miss Lisa


I have THREE TWO ONE key left and - that's all. :(
These keys are very unique - a limited edition piece - PURCHASE HERE!!!  

If you're looking for a source to help you become unstuck, here are a few (out of MANY) that have helped me a great deal along my journey and growth:

The Holy Bible

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn, by Florence Scovel Shinn

*The above statement regarding the symbol or meaning of the key was paraphrased from a page written on the topic, which you can read here:


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  • Lisa, I love this and you. I am so excited to hear you are changing your name! I’ll get the dream magic going! xo C

    • Cynthia August