The Length of Your Bracelet is NOT Your Wrist Measurement ~ 2 Ways to Measure Your Wrist for a Custom Leather Bracelet

With every custom and semi-custom leather bracelet order received, an accurate wrist measurement is needed. There has been an occasion or two when the measurement that has been provided is not very accurate at all, resulting an email from a disappointed customer. 

The mistake usually doesn't occur in the misreading of a measurement. It's made in the what that had been measured. A customer will measure the length of their favorite and well fitting bracelet, giving to me that measurement as their wrist measurement. But here's the thing, the length of a bracelet is NOT the same as your wrist circumference. They're just not. Since I cannot give you a  proper explanation as to why that is, I instead made this video to show you! :) 



As with anything I make, do or sell, if you have any questions, concerns, or need clarification, please send me that email! Good communication always produces a better end product and, a happy leather art wearer (and maker too).

If you think this video was helpful, please comment below to let me know! 

Be well!



African beaded leather bracelet, black onyx
chuma African Trade Bead Bracelet with Leather Button & Loop Closure

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