The Pieces and the People ~ My Leather Art & Leather Work, Bespoke Clothing & Accessories

I Am Lisa Maria Cantalupo and I Make Beautiful Things With Leather ~ Art You Wear!

After two phones had crashed, I found myself scouring through all my Facebook photographs downloading as I went, trying to recover some lost images. As I was scrolling through the years and years and years of creating with leather, I was also reliving the memories that I had captured in these photos. With each image that I had thumbed through, I became more grateful to have had the opportunities and the experiences of creating Leather Art for so many folks.

Throughout the past 14 years, I have created some complex pieces, pieces for your special occasions, and pieces to be worn and used every day. This video captures some of those pieces, along with some of the people who wear my Leather Art.

Enjoy and Thank you for watching and thank you for wearing my Leather Art!


Music: You & Me Musician: @iksonofficial

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