When a Customer Requests a Replica of a Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) Leather Bracelet ~ "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

I've been at it again! But this time it was a different customer who had a special "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" request. He asked me to make him a replica of the leather bracelet that Brad Pitt wore in the 2019 film about a faded television actor and his stunt double as they strive to achieve fame and success in the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles. 

The film was directed and written by Quentin Tarantino and stars along with Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie. Brad played, Cliff Booth, a stunt man who's character was inspired by Billy Jack, a character portrayed in four action films by actor Tom Laughlin in the 1970s. The leather bracelet Cliff/Brad wore echoed Cliff's laid-back, Californian, "hippie-ish" vibe. Just look at it - it is such a cool design!!

In my search to find information regarding this bracelet, I read that "such a specific piece would be difficult to pin down with 100% accuracy". Tell me about it! I searched everywhere and failed. I understood now why I was commissioned for the task of making its replica.

I scoured online for hours in search of photographs of Brad wearing this bracelet. I watched movie clips on YouTube, over and over again, pausing them to get a good look at the bracelet's details. I was diligent in the sourcing for the right button, beads, and leather cording to use. After all that, I am confident I was able to create the bracelet design extremely close to the real deal. The Cliff Booth lovers, OUATIH fans and costuming enthusiast will have to let me know if that's true, or not. 

And to think....all this OUATIH creating began with a customer request for a watchband! If you're looking, check out my Bund Pad Watchband Original (just like the one Brad wears in the movie), and the wider version (2.25" wide); Bund Pad Watchband Extra WideMy reproduction of Brad Pitt's OUATIH Bund Pad Watch Bands are 100% made with my hands and are offered in three leather colors; Black, Chocolate, or Tobacco. 

If you have any questions, hit me up - I'm  happy to answer as best I can!


Check out the short product video I made here:

the D E T A I L S...

From genuine 5-7 ounce Aztec leather, a 5/8" band is cut, and its edges sanded and burnished smooth. Each side is decorated with a sort-of hand-stitching detail using 2 mm round leather cord from Spain. The red cording on each of the bracelets sides, envelope 1 mm brown round leather cording; one side for the loop, and the other to attach a Mother of Pearl disk button, just like the one in the movie. Each of the ends of the brown leather cording are adorned with a recycled glass bead from Africa; one green, one blue, and one red...again, just like the movie.






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  • Hello Kevin! I do make them to order, and do accept special requests for customization. Depending upon the request, there may be an additional fee. Email me to discuss your needs at; Lisalisacantalupo.com Thank you! Lisa


    “Hello Lisa, I was wondering if you make these upon request? And how much they’d cost if you do”

    • Lisa Cantalupo
  • Hello Lisa, I was wondering if you make these upon request? And how much they’d cost if you do

    • Kevin