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Hawaiian Sunshine ~ Kimani Style

Artist, Rebekah Ford wearing her Mini Kimani Fringe Tassel Earrings in mayonnaise


I first met Hawaii artist, Rebekah Ford on August 9, 2016. We did not meet in person. We met on-line in Etsy conversations. Rebekah had purchased a few pieces from me.

I remember our conversation because there was a connection made that went above and beyond a shopping spree. I'm not even sure if I am able to find the words to properly express it, but she got me - she seemed to understand where I was...

Under the Tuscan Sun

When someone chooses to purchase one of my leather goodies, in a way they are inviting a portion of me into their life. The item they chose, I am making with my very hands and it's a design I had created from the depths of my soul. That's why I refer to my leather pieces as "art".  

I am very grateful when a person chooses one of my pieces to adorn themselves with. I am equally grateful when they choose to share a photo of themselves wearing it!  From my studio in Somersworth, New Hampshire to Italy, has one of my...

I Added Something NEW to my SHoP!

ready to ship kama braided leather rings in mahogany and chocolate deerskin leatherEven though I am always striving for excellence (not perfection because we know that isn't something us humans are able to achieve), there are occasions when I make the wrong size or cut something too short. When I used to set up at shows and events, even though everything in my shop is customized, I would bring a little bit of inventory with me, and I have a few of those pieces left over. Some styles I'm just...

Art. It's in the Details. Or is it?

close up of the detailed hand work on the Kyra Booty Shorts

Art. What makes art art, are the details. What makes a work of art differ from another is how the artist chooses to manipulate his or her medium. Leather is my medium.

When someone looks at this photo they will only be able to see braided leather ties and a bunch of fringe. Others will experience the hours of labor that went into the making of that fringe; the cutting by hand, one strand at a time, and...

Lisa's Favorite Leather Bracelets - Bunched & Beautiful!

lisa's five most favorite designs - five unique leather bracelets; Kuende, Amari, Yuki, Tyrese, and Powa

This bracelet set is made up of my all time fave of my favorite leather bracelets. I wear this bracelet bunch quite often. In fact, that's my wrist in the photo modeling these leather bracelets, a few of which are original samples made some five (plus) years ago. They age nicely don't you think?  The photo below are what each look like brand spanking new.

You can find each of these bracelets listed individually...