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CLIFF BOOTH Replica Leather Bracelet & Watchband Reviews ~ As Seen and As Not

Sometimes, some reviews need to get a little more attention then others. Check out these two...

REPAIRS ~ A Rip in a Car Door Handle Get's Fixed ~ There's a First For Everything

When a son asks his Leather-Working Momma to repair the leather he just ripped on the handle of the back seat, passenger side door, she has two choices; say no and he goes somewhere else, or, you give it a go and make an attempt at doing something you have never done before. I did the latter and made this "before and after" video short to capture my first go at repairing leather car upholstery. We all know that this could have gone very wrong, but thankfully, all the years I have spent honing my craft were put to good use and I passed the...

How African Recycled Glass Beads are Made!

How African Recycled Glass Beads are Made!

I am obsessed with handmade beads, especially those that are made in Africa. I have to stop myself from purchasing beads that I cannot yet incorporate into a design, although, there have been times when a bead will be the inspiration behind the design. 

Today, while searching for a sky blue African Glass Bead for one of my popular designs, my Cliff Booth Replica Leather Bracelet, I stumbled across a video of how these recycled glass beads are made. All these years that I have been using them in many of...

Video Short ~ My Dragon Scales from the Cutting of the Leather to a Finished Design

I made this video of the process that I go through to make my Dragon Scales... from the beginning, cutting the hides, to the end when I use them in my latest creation...which...I have recently entered into Etsy's Design Awards!!!! #TheEtsies 🤞🤞🤞



The Etsies or Etsy Design Awards, celebrate the best of Etsy. Eligible sellers can submit a listing from their Etsy shop. One Etsy seller will be named the Etsy Design Award Grand Prize Winner. One Etsy seller will be named the Silver Etsy...

As Seen on TV ~ My Leather Dragon Scales

As Seen on TV ~ My Leather Dragon Scales

A quick video clip I made because.......my dragon scales made their television debut! You can spot them on this "thing's" right arm. If you're a LEGACIES fan, then you saw him in episode 8, #longtimenosee, and in a few episodes after that. Costume Designer, Ann Walters was the mastermind behind this costume. 👏



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