Custom Design Service

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pink motorcycle jacket with white piping, crystal embellishments and with custom inlay design on back yolk

You become involved in the process from its inception. You help to choose the perfect leather and materials, and with making decisions which effect the look and feel of your finished garment. From the simple leather accessory to the more complex leather jacket, you will work closely with Lisa Cantalupo to create a work of art which you will be most proud to wear. Lisa does limit the projects she takes on. Please email Lisa to discuss your needs. 




white lambskin leather jacket for alan lee with intricate weave cuffs and window effect front panels

Lisa will be happy to give you a formal estimate for your custom project once a contact is signed and design fee is paid (the design fee is applied to your final balance). Prior to that, she will give you a price range based upon similar items which she has designed and crafted for previous customers.



sweetpea replica long deerskin leather vest, reversible vest with suede liningalan lee in a custom black lambskin leather short sleeve zippered jacketcustom leather vest with built in interior panels for fire arm protection

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