KAMA ~ The Story of Love

Kama braided leather ring in the color mahogany, deerskin leather, men's women's rings

If I had to choose one design of mine that I am most happy with, most proud of, and most in love with, it would have to be my Kama Braided Leather Rings. I don't go a day (or night) without making sure there is one on my finger. There's something quite special about them. In the following few paragraphs, I'm going to attempt to put that into words so you can get a glimpse into how something so small can impact my personhood with such significance. I'm going to start with their inception.

I was madly in love. The head over heels kind of romantic love. With a man who lived a distance a way. I wanted to give my love something that he could wear when I was not near.  Something that would be a reminder of my love and devotion. What better than a ring. I made him one. I made myself a matching one. 

The design for my Kama Rings was inspired by Amari Bracelets ~ braided leather bracelets made from luxurious and soft deerskin leather. I thought a narrower version of this bracelet with some tweaking, would make for a great ring.

Those first two rings, when I compare them to today's Kama's were rather crude and unpolished. They stretched a great deal and were bulky and thick. With time and much experience (apparently you love them as much I do), I believe I have perfected my ring making art; the leather is pre-stretched, I know how to choose the best section of hide to produce the thinnest and most durable and comfy ring, and my finishing techniques today have set them apart from the earlier versions. A lot of time and detail goes into making each and every Kama Ring. There are no short cuts.

That's not what I'm most proud of though, or what inspires me to continue to create these wonderful rings. It's you. It's the stories people have taken the time to share with me. It's being included in life altering events with people I have never met. When one of my rings is chosen as a symbol of love that unites two souls, I am deeply honored and feel a deep sense of responsibility to produce a product that not only is beautiful but will last a life time as well.

One day I will share some of those stories with you. There will be a box of tissues handy though when I do - some stories really pull at my heart strings. But all make me more than incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to enter the lives of many through my love for leather. And to know that something I have made with my two hands will in some way, great or small, impact the lives of others, I'm beyond touched.

Until that story sharing time, peace to you. And, please remember to share the love amongst a world of hate.





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