Petal Power ~ How I Mold Leather to Make My Abeba Leather Flowers


This video is a short and speedy clip of "the making" of my ABEBA Leather Flowers. What you don't see in this video is me hand cutting the petals for the flowers with a pair of sharp leather scissors, and the assembly of each to petal to form the flower. The entire process takes much longer than what I was able to capture here.

I incorporate my ABEBA Leather Flowers in a number of designs such as, my bookmarks, hair clips, clothing pins, headbands, and even on my KAMA Rings! Ariel is wearing a Chocolate Brown one in the photograph below.

Abeba Flower Leather Ring

Molding leather to make the petals for my leather flowers also inspired me to use the same technique to make my leather dragon scales. I incorporate these in to some of my other popular designs. The links are below...check them out!

Lisa Cantalupo, sewing up dragon scales

Lastly, if you think you would like to try making leather flowers on your own and would like the templates I use to cut my petals, please let me know that in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and watching!


My DRAAK Dragon Scales Dice Bags

My Dragon Scales Guitar Straps


 abeba bookmark leather flowerabeba leather flower hair clipabeba on my Kama Leather Ring

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