Product Video - ZANTA Leather Neckpiece, African Inspired Tribal Necklace, Basketweave Collar

Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. This is not your ordinary weave. The design is intricate & the execution is quite difficult. Each cut has to be precise otherwise it's a complete fail. Hand-lacing, 3 layers of fringe, 6-strand hand braided ties, tassels, African beads - this piece takes up to 20 hrs to complete.

◘ Z A N T A ◘ [beautiful]

A design inspired by the ceremonial neck-pieces of some of Africa's greatest tribal warriors.

Available in many colors and color combinations.

ZANTA can be purchased on my website, or in my Etsy Shop.


#tribalfashion #tribalcostume #leather #leatherwork #handmade

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